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Read about the new requirements for persons performing any work in premises with an electricity supply.

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Get it serviced

Make sure your gas heater is safe to use before winter arrives.

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Energy Bulletin

The latest issue of the Energy Bulletin is now available.

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Announcements & Publications

Gas safety alert

Do you have a Vulcan Heritage or a Pyrox Heritage gas heater? People with Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage gas heaters in their homes need to get them...

Reminder of electrical hazards when working in roof spaces

Building and Energy (formerly EnergySafety) and WorkSafe have issued a reminder on the importance of understanding and avoiding the electrical hazards in...

New construction contracts information and events available

Construction Contracts Act videos and fact sheets Building and Energy has undertaken a full redesign of the section of our website which provides...

Winter warning for gas heater use

West Australians could be putting their own and their family’s health at risk this winter when they switch on their gas heaters for the first time. Carbon...

Application for a gasfitting permit expired 31 days and...

This application form is suitable for an applicant who has previously held a Western Australian Gasfitting permit expired over 30 days and up to two years.

Notice for gas eNotice users

Regulation 28 of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 (the Regulations) requires a registered gasfitter to attach...

EnergySafety requirements for on-the-job training...

To be issued a Gasfitting Permit in Western Australia, a person must be able to demonstrate various requirements to the Director of Energy Safety, one of...

Change of employer or supervisor

This form is suitable for a Western Australian indentured apprentice or a non-apprentice (trainee) or tradesperson working under supervision.

Class G tradesperson restricted to working under supervision

This application form is suitable for a Western Australian indentured apprentice or a non-apprentice (trainee) who has not completed either the on-the-job...

EnergySafety Industry Briefing 2018

EnergySafety is hosting several free information sessions for Western Australian electrical workers and contractors. Presented by EnergySafety staff, these...

Gasfitting record book

Gasfitting Record Book for industrial and commercial gas installations, subject to a “Gasfitting Authorisation”.

Gas service logbook

Gas Service Logbook for industrial and commercial gas installations, not subject to a “Gasfitting Authorisation”.

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